Family Law Attorney In Reno

Anyone who has been hurt on the job knows that an employer can turn on you the minute you need them.

We will advocate for you after a workplace accident just like you were part of our own family.

Even though you may like your neighbors, if they have dogs that run loose and bite your children, you need to take action against them.

If you have small children, a will is used to protect the guardianship of those children.

If you suffer from catastrophic injuries after an auto accident, our lawyer will be happy to represent you.

Because there are a lot of military personnel on the islands, we take care of many military cases.

When you are in a wreck, and you need a check to cover the cost of your car repair, talk to our law office first.

Some workers comp claims are denied and when they are, we go to bat for you.

Being injured on the job and ending up in the hospital means you need to have us represent you to be sure your workers compensation pays your bills.

When a spouse is accused of a crime, it may be very important that you get custody of your children.

If an accident results in the death of a loved one, we will be happy to represent you against the opposing party.

If you know your employer well and think he will stand up for you in a workplace accident case, you may be sadly mistaken.

Child custody attorneys are able to help you mediate the time and place for child custody.

You can request a free consultation with our attorney to talk about your accident case.

Alimony is generally paid out on a regular basis, although it can be paid in one lump sum.

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